Normal Delivery Package

Price: 12,000 AED

Services are included in the package:

  • Rounding fees (Obstetrician)
  • Labour room care
  • Admission for two days and one night in VIP room
  • Routine laboratory investigations and medication during admission (up to AED 500)
  • Routine consumables that are used during delivery and ward (costing less than AED 200 per unit)
  • Foetal monitoring (CTG)
  • Rounding fees (Paediatrician)
  • Nursery charges for two days and one night
  • Laboratory test for newborn: CBC
  • Routine vaccination for Hepatitis B and BCG (Immunisation administration – As per DHA requirement)
  • Vitamin K injection
  • One follow-up consultation with the same obstetrician within 15 days of discharge (mother & baby)
  • One free dietician consultation within 30 days of discharge
  • Epidural anesthesia at an extra charge of AED 2,000
  • Blood transfusion and crossmatch
  • Newborn screening, circumcision and piercing
  • CS package will be considered in the event of an emergency CS
  • Additional baby will be charged 50% of the standard package
  • For NICU admission, daily charges will be applied
  • Discharge medication

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