Dr. Nesreen Hamsho

Specialist Ophthalmology
More About The Doctor

Dr. Nesreen Hamsho is an experienced ophthalmologist with 12 years of expertise in various aspects of eye care. She specializes in conducting comprehensive visual system exams, performing refractive surgeries, providing glaucoma treatment, conducting cataract surgeries, diagnosing and treating corneal diseases, as well as addressing strabismus (misaligned eyes) through diagnosis and treatment. She is also experience in managing diabetic retinopathy and administering treatments such as laser therapy and injections for the condition.

Her ophthalmology qualifications, Dr. Nesreen has pursued a fellowship in nonsurgical aesthetic medicine, Specifically in Botox treatments.

Nesreen Hamsho is certified by the Syrian Board of Ophthalmology, which signifies her proficiency and competence in the field.

  • Syrian Board Degree in Ophthalmology

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