Ms. Alaa Bassem Afifi

More About The Doctor

Ms. Alaa Bassem Afifi is Best Physiotherapist specializing in post-surgical rehabilitation and a wide range of conditions. Her expertise includes:
Post-surgical rehabilitation: Ms. Alaa is adept at providing rehabilitation services for various surgical procedures, including ACL and PCL reconstruction, arthroscopic knee surgeries (such as meniscal repair and chondroplasty), rotator cuff and SLAP lesion repair, total knee replacement, total hip replacement, Achilles tendon repair, and neck and back surgeries (including laminectomy, fusion, decompression, etc.).
Non-surgical conditions: She is skilled in managing non-surgical conditions such as back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, sprains, and strains.
Neurological conditions: Ms. Alaa has experience in treating neurological conditions like stroke, spinal cord injury, and Bell’s palsy.
Pediatric rehabilitation: She specializes in pediatric rehabilitation, addressing conditions such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and global developmental delay.
Geriatric rehabilitation: Ms. Alaa is proficient in providing rehabilitation services to the elderly population.
ICU conditions: With five years of experience in ICU settings, she is well-versed in managing rehabilitation for patients in critical care.
Ms. Alaa has worked with esteemed institutions including the Ministry of Health in Egypt, She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Cairo University and has pursued additional certifications, including a FIFA diploma in football medicine, Lumbar spine in practice (OMPT Group), Shoulder joint in practice (OMPT Group), and Myofascial intervention.
With her comprehensive skill set and extensive experience, Ms. Alaa Bassem Afifi is equipped to provide exceptional physiotherapy services to individuals across different age groups and a wide range of conditions, ensuring effective post-surgical rehabilitation and holistic care.

  • Bachelor of Physical Therapy from Cairo university.
  • FIFA Diploma in football medicine.
  • Lumber spine in practice (OMPT GROUP)
  • Shoulder joint in practice (OMPT GROUP)
  • Myofascial intervention