Dr. Serife Simsek

Specialist General Surgeon
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Dr. Serife Simsek is a well-known Breast Cancer/Senology Specialist (Benign and Malignant Breast diseases) who did her training and surgical residencies in Italy, Spain and Turkey.

She is specialized in General Surgery and sub-specialized in Breast Cancer surgery.

Dr. Simsek did two master’s degrees in Breast Cancer, One is Breast Cancer surgery from famous European schools, the European Institute of Oncology and Milan University, Italy and University Autonoma De Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Simsek worked in Italy as Assistant to Prof. Umberto Veronesi for 4 years. Prof. Umberto is a known founder of breast-conserving surgery in breast cancer treatment with the invention of the quadrantectomy, and other conservative surgical techniques, including sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Dr. Simsek became an Associate Professor at Ankara University Hospital in Turkey and was working in one of the biggest private health institute in Istanbul, Turkey prior to moving to Dubai.

Dr. Simsek is amongst the most well-known female breast surgeons, for conservative breast surgery, modified radical mastectomies, nipple sparing mastectomy, skin sparing mastectomy for breast cancer and sentinel lymph node biopsy, Sentimag guided surgery, axillary clearance for breast cancer, removal of breast lumps like fibroadenoma, phyllodes tumor surgery, ROLL/SNOLL techniques (Radio-Occult Lesion Localization for non- palpable breast lesions and sentinel lymph nodes, breast lumps and breast diseases). She has excellent outcomes in her work.

Dr Simsek has continuously contributed to informing her chosen profession throughout her working life; she has worked on various breast cancer research projects including those concerned with Breast Conservation Surgery, Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, Pregnancy and Breast cancer, Intraoperative Radiotherapy After Breast Conservative Surgery, and In situ Ductal Carcinomas Radio-Occult Lesion Localization.

She has published numerous articles in various national and international peer-reviewed Journals. Dr.Simsek is a member of the Turkish Surgical Association and various International/National Scientific/Surgical Institutions and non-profit breast cancer organizations.

She speaks Turkish, English, and Italian.

  • Breast cancer early diagnosis, treatment and follow up
  • Breast cancer surgery
  • Mastectomies
  • Nipple sparing mastectomy
  • Skin sparing mastectomy
  • Breast conserving surgery (lumpectomy, quadrantectomy)
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy
  • Axillary dissection (axillary clearance)
  • Non palpable breast lesions surgeries
  • All Breast diseases diagnosis, treatment and follow up

European Institute Of Oncology, Milan/Italy

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