Dr. Majed Daod

Specialist General Surgery
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Dr. Majed Daod, a highly accomplished specialist general surgeon, brings over two decades of invaluable experience to his practice, with the last 15 years dedicated to serving patients.

Regarded as one of the Best Specialist General Surgeons in Dubai, Dr. Daod demonstrates exceptional proficiency in performing an extensive range of advanced abdominal surgeries using both open and minimally invasive techniques.

His specialized focus lies in complex proctology procedures, employing cutting-edge technologies such as laser and THD Doppler systems.

Dr. Majed Daod educational journey includes obtaining a Master’s degree in general surgery from the esteemed Syrian Ministry of Health. He has published research papers shedding light on the role of abdominal ultrasound in diagnosing acute appendicitis.

Moreover, his passion for education extends beyond research, as he actively shares his expertise through engaging health talks on television, providing valuable insights on managing acute abdomen and introducing cancer-related topics to the general public.

Dr. Daod, recognized as one of the Best General Surgeons in Dubai, has performed over 250 surgeries in Dubai, consistently earning high levels of patient satisfaction.

This remarkable achievement not only highlights his exceptional surgical skills but also underscores his commitment to delivering compassionate care and achieving optimal surgical outcomes.

With a proven track record of transforming lives through skilled surgery and unwavering dedication, he has rightfully earned his reputation as one of the best specialist General Surgeons in Dubai. Dr. Daod mastery of minimally invasive and advanced techniques further solidifies his position as a prominent figure in the field of general surgery, ensuring that his patients receive exceptional care and exceptional results.

  • MBBS, Master in General Surgery
  • Master in Paediatrics Surgery
  • Syrian Board in Paediatrics Surgery

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