Dr. Abdulrahman Saadeddin

Consultant Gastroenterologist
Area of Expertise

Fully committed and enthusiastic consultant Gastroenterologist, with special interest in Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy and Pancreatico-biliary disease. Leading physician who is keen to provide unique and high quality service, including high quality endoscopy procedures

Dr. Saadeddin has done all of his training in the UK, obtained MRCP (Membership of Royal college of Physician-UK) in 2002, he completed GI specifically training program from West Midlands Deanery , West Midlands ,UK, and obtained CCT ( Certificate of completion of training ) in GIM/Gastroenterology in September 2008,

Dr. Saadeddin then worked as a consultant gastroenterologist in the UK until He moved to BC, Canada where He have worked as a consultant gastroenterologist at the University Hospital of Northern BC until November 2013, during which time He has managed to establish the EUS ( Endoscopic Ultrasound Service ) at UHNBC, subsequently and for family reasons Dr. Saadeddin moved to New Zealand , and worked as a consultant gastroenterologist in Tauranga Hospital, he was appointed as the head of gastroenterology department and became chair for the endoscopy improvement program for the Midlands of New Zealand , He then moved to  the UAE in march 2016 and has been practicing as a consultant gastroenterologist since then.

Advanced therapeutic endoscopy, including ERCP, EUS (Endoscopic ultrasound ), wide variety of advanced therapeutic endoscopy, including EMR (Endoscopic Mucosal Resection ) for large flat colonic/cecal polypoid lesion, colonic stenting and colonic stricture dilatation, various procedures to control colonic and upper GI bleed (including injecting ulcers, applying bicap probe, Argon Plasma Coagulation, banding esophageal varices, injecting gastric varices), PEG insertion, Botox Injection, pyloric dilatation, esophageal dilatation, Metal stent insertion and EMR for dysplastic esophageal and gastric lesions.

Work Experience

  • November 2008 To March 2009; Consultant Gastroenterologist
    County Durham and Darlington Foundation NHS Trust, UK
  • April 2009 to Nov 2013 ; Consultant Gastroenterologist
    The University Hospital of Northern British Columbia, Canada
  • December 2013 to March 2016 ; Consultant Gastroenterologist
    Head of Department of Gastroenterologist , Tauranga Hospital, New Zealnd
  • English
  • Arabic
  • MD (Diploma of Doctor of Medicine) 1994
  • Membership Royal College of Physicians ( MRCP-UK) 2001
  • Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training – Gastroenterology and General Internal Medicine ( CCST) 2008
  • Fellowship of Australian Royal College of Physician 2015

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